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Products For All Industries

Whether you are looking for window films for your vehicle, home, office, or marine vessel, Tekton has a variety of options available to suit your needs. Let’s begin by narrowing down our product lines below.


Automotive window films look great & reduce your fuel consumption, all while increasing your comfort.

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Residential films are used to reduce energy bills, increase privacy, deter burglars, and increase occupant safety.

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Businesses who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint while increasing employee retention go here.

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The sea is a harsh environment for window films. That is why we carry specific lines just for marine vessels.

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This exclusive network of autobahn dealers is the best group of businesses and professionals in our industry. Their keen attention to detail will ensure your car is treated as one of their own. Their autobahn showrooms represent only the best products available in the window tinting and paint protection film (PPF) markets.

Knowledge Base

Our blog is about helping you protect your most valuable assets. Each week we go in-depth on important topics around our industry.

5 Unfortunate Myths About Window Film

It's important to have up-to-date and relevant information when considering any renovation. Here is a list of common myths and misconceptions regarding window film.

Photochromic Window Film

Here are all your questions on the coolest new tech in window films, answered. Find out what CoolVu Transitional Window Films can do for you.

Paint Protection: Explained

Only one single-application product can offer a lifetime of protection against scratches, dings, chemical wear, and toxic airborne pollutants. Learn more.

Road Tripping with Baby

Traveling with kids can be a nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. Follow these tips to guarantee road trip success with your little ones.

CoolVu Transitional Flat Glass Film

CoolVu Transitional Window Film gives you the view you want from your windows, while giving you the tint you need on the sunniest days. Here's how.

CoolVu Transitional Automotive Film

CoolVu Transitional Automotive Film adapts to the intensity solar energy and changes to give you the protection and comfort you need at all times.
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