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Benefits Of Tint No One Ever Mentions

Benefits of Tint No One Ever Mentions

Automotive window tint does more for your ride than making it more stylish. Check out all these additional ways that window tint adds value to your vehicle.

Many people we speak to seem interested in automotive window tint because of the style it adds to their vehicle. We also love how window tint improves the look of the vehicles we work on, but we always make sure to inform our customers about the many other benefits of window tint, besides the “cool factor”. There are numerous benefits to tinting your windows, including occupant safety, comfort, and security. Here is a few ways that window tint improves the overall performance of your vehicle:

Driver Focus

Glare is a huge hazard that drivers deal with on a daily basis, especially in the morning and evening when we are driving to/from work. Glare seriously impairs drivers’ ability to see their surroundings. The impaired vision caused by glare makes driving hazardous and increases the risk of an accident. Window tint doesn’t need to be dark to significantly reduce the effect of glare as sunlight directly shines in your vehicle, or as light reflects off of buildings’ windows, wet roads, or other vehicles.

Accident Safety

In the event of a crash, occupants of a vehicle can be seriously injured by broken glass. The adhesive nature and strength of professional window tint acts as a safety feature by holding shards of broken glass together. This little-known fact about window tint seriously improves the safety of drivers and passengers.

Theft Prevention

Non-tinted windows allow criminals to see easily into your vehicle, where they might spot your valuable personal items. Due to the opportunistic nature of auto theft, tinted windows act as effective deterrents against thieves. The best thing to do is obviously to never leave your valuables in the vehicle, but we can’t always remove everything from our cars every time we get out. Window tint gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is less likely to be targeted for auto theft.


Automotive window tint controls the amount of heat that passes through the glass. This means that your car will stay cooler in the summer, so you can be more comfortable and less reliant on your air conditioning system. By reducing the amount of AC you use, you will notice improvements in your fuel economy. Automotive window tint also blocks up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays from entering your vehicle. Eliminating UV rays keeps you and other vehicle occupants safe from solar radiation, which causes sunburns and skin cancer.

Automotive window tint comes in almost limitless configurations, and we custom fit each film to your vehicle’s glass. Add safety, security, comfort, and style to your vehicle with window tint. If you have any questions about what how window tint can improve your life, contact us today.

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