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Make A Dream Home With Window Film

Make a Dream Home with Window Film

The whole point of windows is to let in sunlight. Unfortunately, the beautiful views and natural light are often accompanied by hot spots, faded furnishings, UV exposure, and glare. Window films solve these problems, letting you attain your dream home and save money to boot.

Window films are an incredibly thin layer of vinyl or polyester that is applied directly to the glass of your windows. Heat reducing films are either deposited with metal or ceramic components, to provide greater performance. Window film comes in many different varieties, giving you the power to choose the performance that is right for you. When applied by trained professionals, window film is a long-lasting solution to your light and heat related problems.

An Overview of Window Film Types

If you’ve done even the slightest bit of research, you’ve no doubt noticed a huge variety in commercially available window films. Here is a breakdown of the most common types, keeping in mind that there are products that blur the lines between types.

Decorative Films

  • Allow you to achieve the look of etched, stained, frosted, or textured glass
  • Are customizable and removable
  • Block 80-90% of UV rays and offer privacy, while still allowing in the sun’s natural light
  • Can be used on interior and exterior glass
  • Don’t provide significant heat protection

Heat and UV Blocking Films

  • Help reduce your energy bills
  • Block up to 99% of harmful UVA & UVB rays and reject up to 80% of solar heat
  • Dramatically reduce glare
  • May reduce the amount of light that a room receives (this one can be controlled)

Privacy Window Films

  • Prevent neighbours or passersby from seeing into the building
  • May feature a reflective or frosted surface
  • May reduce the amount of light received by a room
  • Are available in varying degrees of darkness

What are the Key Benefits of Window Film?

Now that we’ve broken down the different types of film, here are the main benefits of window film:

Aesthetics: Frosted and etched window film give your house an obvious aesthetic boost, but even heat control window film will improve the way your home looks by reducing the amount of glare that is reflected and giving your windows a polished look.

Comfort: Window films will make your home more comfortable by increasing privacy and keeping you cool on sunny days. Automotive window tint can lower the temperature of a parked car by over 60%, so imagine what films can do for your home.

UV Protection: High-quality films will block 99% of UV rays from entering your home. By blocking UV rays, window film protects your furnishings from cracking and fading, and your skin from cancer-causing radiation.

Security and Safety: In the event of an accident of attempted break-in, window film will hold the broken glass together, to prevent injury, and to deter entry. Security film is meant to work in conjunction with an alarm system, to delay entry, and act as a deterrent to “smash & grab” robberies.

Efficiency: Canada, being a cold whether climate, it costs us far more to cool our homes in the summer than it does to heat them in the winter. Window film helps to lower your air conditioning costs in the summer, and providing significant cost savings.The money you save on energy expenses will quickly recoup the cost of investment, and due to window film’s legendary durability, the savings will continue for decades.

Untreated windows don’t make sense. Window film is a simple upgrade that will significantly improve your quality of life and make your home a nice place to be. If you decide to invest in window films for your home, it makes sense to get the best quality possible – look for brand names like Hüper Optik, Edge, and LG Hausys.

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