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Marine Paint Protection Films

Marine Paint Protection Films

Car owners are getting fired up about the benefits of Paint Protection Films for their vehicles. Many boaters are still in the dark about the value of PPF on their hulls. Read on for info.

When people finally get their dream car, the first they do is tint the windows and apply paint protection films to help insure their investment. Boat owners are starting to see the light as information is trickling out online about using PPF for maintaining the integrity of boat hulls that are exposed to constant dock contact.

What Is PPF? 

Paint Protection Film is a custom sized and shaped layer of ultra-durable material that is flexible, nearly invisible, and acts as an armour for your boat against wear and tear, UV rays, scratches, harsh chemicals, and airborne pollutants. Marine PPF helps your boat maintain a pristine hull.

What Does It Do?

On the water and at the dock, things happen that are out of your control. Between deadheads, UV radiation, and careless kayakers, your boat is constantly under assault from things that can cause permanent damage to your hull.

Think of PPF as a burly version of the clear film you put onto your cell phone screen to protect it from shattering. The layer is placed between your hull and the elements. PPF technology was originally developed by the US military, so it is tough enough to protect your investment.

We apply PPF to entire boats, as well as to specific areas based on the owner’s wishes to prevent damage in high-traffic areas.

Why Should I Use It?

To maintain your boat for as long as possible, the only defense against time is a good layer of protection. Over the years, we have created many happy customers, but PPF has friends in high places.

Clear urethane film was developed by the US military during the Vietnam War, and has been used ever since to protect helicopter blades and combat vehicles. Race car techs rely on PPF to protect the cars from damage that can occur at race-track speeds, so imagine what it can do for you.

Edge Premium Defense Paint Protection Films (PPF) provide a nearly invisible layer of protection between your vessel’s paint and the dock. Docking and launching are prime times for scrapes and hull damage. These protective films will set your mind at ease. Edge Premium Defense for Marine applications helps protect your boat with the most optically clear and durable PPF in the market. This clear 6mil urethane provides optimal protection against bugs, rain, UV, oil, salt, rocks, and birds. It is nearly invisible and can safely be removed at any time.

Custom Installation = Better Protection

Our highly trained technicians custom design and fit PPF for each boat that we work on. When you work with Tekton’s network of qualified installers, you aren’t receiving a mass-produced product, you set sail with a film that has been specifically optimized for your vessel. The custom fit we provide means that you end up with a seamless installation that won’t crack, bubble, or warp over time.

Set your mind at ease and keep your vessel in ship-shape with Tekton Marine Performance Films.

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