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Edge Architectural Coatings

Protecting all surfaces in your home or office.

These nano- ceramic coatings permanently bond with surfaces providing superb scratch resistance, superior hydrophobicity, and chemical/oxidation resistance.

Edge Ceramic Coatings: Edge Ceramic Coatings are the next example of solution-centric products shaping the ceramic coatings industry for the benefit of consumers, making innovative products accessible to all. Your home is both your refuge and your most important investment. Professionally applied Edge Architectural Ceramic Coatings can protect and improve your windows, natural materials such as stone, quartz, marble, and granite, as well as your stainless steel appliances.

What are the benefits? Edge Ceramic Coatings offer excellent durability and longevity when compared to industry leading ceramic coatings. These coatings from the Architectural Coatings Lineup help protect all surfaces in your home or office, not just your windows. Their unique workability characteristics and product levelling create a very uniform application to both glass and tint, which allows Edge to offer a limited lifetime warranty. Simply put, they are the best ceramic coatings at this price on the market.

Product Lines

Coatings for All Surfaces

Edge Film Technologies is launching their architectural ceramic lineup with two different products. This means no matter what you would like to protect, Edge has you covered. Click the titles below to get more info, then click through to send us a message for more information.

Edge Glass+Tint ceramic coating is specially formulated to provide a durable hydrophobic layer to any glass or window film surface. Glass+Tint increases scratch resistance, and makes the surface smooth and easy to clean.

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Edge Stone + Stainless ceramic coating is designed for common interior surfaces such as natural stone and stainless steel. Coated surfaces will exhibit hydrophobic characteristics, improved stain resistance, and will be much easier to clean.

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