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Edge Premium Defense Marine

Professional-Grade clear paint protection for ultimate peace of mind.

Protect your vessel with the most optically clear, and durable paint protection film in the market.

Edge Premium Defense Paint Protection Films (PPF) provide a nearly invisible layer of protection between your vessel’s paint and the dock. Docking and launching are prime times for scrapes and hull damage. These protective films will set your mind at ease. Edge Premium Defense for Marine applications helps protect your boat with the most optically clear and durable PPF in the market. This clear 6mil urethane provides optimal protection against bugs, rain, UV, oil, salt, rocks, and birds. It is nearly invisible and can safely be removed at any time.

Who is Edge Premium Defense made for? Edge Premium Defense is meant for the summer boat enthusiast. Do you spend long hours on the water during peak season? Do you dock your boat for long periods of time?  These hazards will cause chips in your hull’s paint, and if they are not treated can cause serious damage. Protect your vessel’s surface by adding an invisible layer of Premium Defence paint protection film. Edge films are backed by a 7 year warranty to give you peace of mind when you are on the open waters.

Key Benefits

Why Customers Choose Premium Defense

Excellent Chemical Resistance

High Gloss

Eliminates Dock Chips


Excellent Clarity

Repels Environmental Damage

Hyrdophobicity (stain resistant)

Easily Removable

Increases Resale Value

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