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Safety & Security Films

With Safety and Security Protection Films your windows can be transformed from your weakest link to a source of strength, helping to protect your home and your family from threats such as break-ins and impact events like earthquakes. Safety and Security Window Films are designed to help hold glass fragments together in case of breakage, reducing potential injury from flying glass, while deterring even the most motivated thieves.

Protection for Residential Homes

As a home owners and parents ourselves, we know that nothing is more vital than keeping your family safe from harm. Our homes are more than just buildings to us, they also house everyone closest to us and all of our fondest memories. We all have home insurance that will help us recoup tangible losses if something terrible were to happen, but we need to take it upon ourselves to secure our home in a way that will keep our family safe from injury and help to protect those special personal items that just cannot be replaced.

Security threats to your home come in all forms, ranging from natural disasters to emergency situations, theft, and vandalism. All of these situations can put your family in danger. A comprehensive, tiered security plan offering multiple layers of defense is the best way to provide the highest level of protection possible.

When you think about your home’s most vulnerable areas, you should immediately think of your windows. Here’s why: They offer an easy point of entrance, can be obvious targets for vandals, and allow outsiders to see who’s inside the building and where they are.

When an unprotected window shatters, it can send dangerous shards of glass flying, which can cause serious injuries and leave your family and assets exposed to the elements. Security window film helps hold window glass in place even when force is brought against it. Upon impact, the film helps to protect against shards of glass from flying, offering protection to the people inside. By providing a layer of protection with security window film, attempts at breaking through the glass can be delayed, which could help stop or reduce the security threat.

1. Severe Weather

Security films help to reduce damage and the likelihood of injury from flying glass in the case of severe weather, impacts, or violence. While you can’t always predict disaster, you can prepare for it if you plan ahead. British Columbia has the highest earthquake risk in Canada. In fact, several thousand small earthquakes are recorded in B.C. every year. A much smaller number are big enough to be felt and over the last 10 years there has been an average of one larger earthquake of at least magnitude 6 per year. This is something we must prepare for.

Earthquake Projections

2. Forced Entry

Security films are designed to offer maximum resistance to penetration and tearing, effectively deterring break and enter. By upgrading your windows, you will rob would-be thieves of their two desired essentials: time and stealth. Thieves plan on being in and out of your business in a matter of minutes. If a window isn’t broken after 3 or 4 tries, the amount of noise they have made will be alerting the whole neighbourhood, and the extra time it takes them is usually enough to force them into early retreat. Make it too noisy and time consuming to gain entry, and even the most determined burglar will be deterred.

*Stats Canada cites 159,338 break and enter crimes in Canada according to their most recent data.

Break-ins in Annually

3. Vandalism

When vandals strike, the transparent film is peeled away –along with the graffiti – saving time & money. Window films are easily removed when needed, and applying new films is much cheaper than entirely new windows. If you are in an area that is prone to vanadlism, perhaps downtown or on a poorly lit side street, we might suggest you choose a specific anti-graffiti film. They are even cheaper to install and replace as needed. You can see a full write-up on them right here.

Cheaper than Replacement

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