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Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating is an extremely thin nano-coating that forms a chemical bond with the surface that it is applied to. These nano-ceramic coatings are the new industry standard for vehicle protection, especially when it comes to painted surfaces, glass, and interior textiles. Highly durable and hydrophobic, nano-ceramic coatings shield the vehicle’s clear coat and act as a sacrificial barrier between the elements and your paint. This is guaranteed to effectively lessen the ​chances of new swirl marks and marring from forming and seal the paint from numerous forms of contamination and damage, like bird droppings and harsh chemicals.

Vehicle owners will enjoy a paint surface that is ultra slick, with the appearance of a vehicle that is freshly waxed, except with a glossy appearance that lasts for years instead of weeks. Coatings can also be applied to wheels, callipers, glass, fabrics, leather and plastics to preserve and protect them from grime, brake dust, stains, spills and abrasion, as well as many other contaminants. Vehicles with Paint Protection Film or Vinyl Wraps can also be over-coated with a ceramic coating for the most effective paint shield possible.

Are you an architect or home owner? Ceramic coatings are available for all building surfaces, too. Which means your home or office will enjoy the same protection and benefits, including easy cleanup and resistance to stains and corrosion. Below you will find the coatings we distribute across the country to the best installer network in the world.


Automotive coatings are perfect for the glass, paint, and textile surfaces of your vehicle. We carry a full line of coatings from Autobahn™ and Edge Film Technologies.

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Architectural nano- ceramic coatings permanently bond with surfaces providing superb scratch resistance, superior hydrophobicity, and chemical/oxidation resistance.

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Ceramic Product Lines

Autobahn™ and Edge Film Technologies launched their ceramic lineup with a wide variety of products. These include coatings for automotive and architectural use, with specific offerings for paint, glass, vinyl, and a wide variety of building surfaces.

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