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Edge Carbon Crystalline

A Dye Stable Film With Tremendous Value

Edge Carbon Crystalline provides style and elegance with a budget in mind. Offering low reflectivity with advanced deep-dyed colour stability.

Edge Carbon Crystalline provides style and elegance with a budget in mind. Our dye stable film is guaranteed not to fade or change colours. It is the perfect blend of aesthetics and affordability. This line is offered in a variety of visible light transmission options that will make a legal install available in all areas. This technology offers no interference with your radio frequencies or electronic control systems and will provide a color match to most factory tints.

Who is Edge Carbon Crystalline made for? Edge Technologies window films are made with the budget conscious automotive customer in mind. If you are looking for an option to go dark with your tint and achieve and stylish, modern, blacked out look, this is a really great choice. You will also enjoy true “Carbon Black” colour, low reflectivity, SPF greater than 200, and deep dyed colour stability. Read on for the full specs to compare the performance indicators of each shade.

Technical Specifications

Key Performance Indicators

There are many different shades of Carbon Crystalline film, each one allowing less and less visible light through. As the number decreases, the shade gets darker, as the number refers to the percentage of light able to pass through the film.

ProductVLTVLRTSERUV Rejection
Carbon Crystalline 55%6%44%>99%
Carbon Crystalline 1414%6%42%>99%
Carbon Crystalline 2020%6%40%>99%
Carbon Crystalline 3030%6%38%>99%
Carbon Crystalline 3535%6%36%>99%
Carbon Crystalline 4343%6%34%>99%
Carbon Crystalline 5050%6%31%>99%
Carbon Crystalline 5556%6%29%>99%

VLT = Visible Light Transmission. VLR = Visible Light Reflection TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejected

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