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Edge Clear Comfort

The Only Window Film Made Specifically for Your Windshield

When you only apply window film to your back windows, your performance is dramatically lower than it could be. Learn how Edge Clear Comfort picks up the slack of most window film installations.

Edge Clear Comfort is a one of a kind product. It is a virtually invisible window film that provides exceptionally high performance (even more than Edge Technologies top of the line XP Ultra film) and does it without adversely affecting visibility, making it fully legal for your windshield. Reducing heat, UV rays, and glare from your side and back windows in important, but if the sun staring you in the face goes unobstructed, you are losing half of the battle.

Who is Edge Clear Comfort made for? Clear comfort is for people who have tinted their vehicle, but would like to complete the job. Without your windshield covered, all of the performance you gain from your back window tinting literally goes out the window. By installing an invisible layer to your windshield, you actually improve the performance of the rest of your window films, and reap the benefits for the life of your vehicle.

Technical Specifications

Key Performance Indicators

There are three varieties of Edge Clear Comfort window film, each one allowing less and less solar energy through. As the number increases, so does the performance of the window film.

Clear Comfort 7071%8%41%45%>99%
Clear Comfort 8078%9%44%68%>99%
Clear Comfort 9088%8%23%33%>99%

VLT = Visible Light Transmission. VLR = Visible Light Reflection TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejected

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