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Edge Spectra HP

A Metallized film that gives you increased performance without the cost of ceramic film.

Edge Spectra HP is a metallized window film, made to out-perform less expensive dyed films. Spectra is a hybrid of two classic technologies. It consists of a metallized layer of polyester that has been bonded to a dyed layer of polyester. This metallized layer gives you increased performance over a regular dyed film, but it comes in below the cost of a fully ceramic film. Spectra HP sits between Ultra XP and Carbon Crystalline in the Edge window film range.

Who is Edge Spectra HP made for? XP Ultra is for people that are looking for more than just dark windows. It is higher performing than a standard dyed film and won’t interfere with radio signals or electronics. You will also enjoy increased heat rejection (SPF greated than 200) and reduced glare from its high performance hybrid technology. Read on for the full specs to compare the performance indicators of each shade.

Technical Specifications

Key Performance Indicators

There are 4 different shades of Spectra HP window film, each one allowing less and less visible light through. As the number decreases, the shade gets darker, as the number refers to the percentage of light able to pass through the film.

ProductVLTVLRTSERIR RejectionUV Rejection
Spectra HP 55%5%63%72%>99%
Spectra HP 1518%6%53%56%>99%
Spectra HP 3538%7%43%46%>99%
Spectra HP 4548%9%44%42%>99%

VLT = Visible Light Transmission. VLR = Visible Light Reflection TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejected

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