Switchable Frost

Transparency when you want it and privacy when you need it.

Wide Range of Commercial Applications

Office Space

LCG® switchable partitions support dynamic working spaces that increase productivity and optimize floor plans,
without sacrificing minimalist and modular designs. Privacy glass is ideal for conference rooms and private work spaces, 
while SPD and Solar LC support shading and temperature control in exterior glass. 


Dynamic glass partitions in guests rooms instantly allow an open and light-filled atmosphere or privacy on demand.
Switchable partitions with classic solid or unique custom patterns upgrade interior designs and give guests complete control of their space. Common areas with LCG® projections make communicating with guests interactive and unique.



CG® allows for time and location-based messages that appear and disappear for complete utilization of storefront glass.
Transparent displays help retailers leverage both messaging and merchandise at the right moment, while capitalizing on valuable space that patrons see first: your window.


Traditional fabric curtains collect germs that spread hospital-acquired diseases among patients, doctors, staff, and visitors, while being unattractive and old fashioned. LCG® switchable partitions allow staff to check on patients without entering a room while providing better sound isolation for privacy, and SPD can be used to darken ultrasound rooms and shade interiors.

What Are The Benefits?

Increase Productivity

Allow for collaborative open spaces and access to natural light, or privacy for independent thinking and confidentiality

Optimize Space

Replace studded walls that consume space, curtains that are outdated and block views , and make walls multi-use

Dynamic Designs

LCG® partitions are easy to install and versatile, making spaces agile, unique, efficient, and tech savvy

Conserve Energy

Facades with SPD or outdoor grade Solar Control LC allow windows to shade and reflect heat for lowered HVAC costs

Product Videos

Gauzy Products

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