Paint Protection: 5 Reasons Why

Let's look at the top five reasons why people are trusting paint protection films to keep their cherished vehicles in top condition for years to come.

Here are the top 5 reasons why people are investing in paint protection film.

Similar in concept and function to the stick-on films that protect your iPhone from scratches- automotive paint protection film provides a layer between the surface of a vehicle and is designed to provide a bumper between a car’s paint and gravel, scratches, pollution, and UV rays. Clear films had their inception in the military, and protect vehicles and expensive components. They’ve now made it to the consumer market and are used to protect automotive surfaces against scrapes, rock chips and airborne contaminants.

Paint protection film can be applied on the vulnerable parts of your vehicle like the hood, bumper and quarter panels for optimal aesthetics and durability. Here are five benefits customers enjoy by investing in car protection film:

1. Protect a Car’s Paint From Environmental Hazards

Every time a car goes on the road it naturally comes into contact with a variety of environmental hazards. Corrosive materials such as tree sap or bird droppings can damage or stain a vehicle’s paint. Pollutants found in rain can damage the paint. The chemicals in acid rain will burn themselves into a paint job and ruin it. The sun’s rays turn a water droplet into a powerful magnifying glass, which is why even plain water will damage a paint finish. Let’s not forget about flying rocks and pebbles can chip the paint resulting in an expensive trip to the repair shop.

2. Reduce the Impact of UV Radiation

Just like our skin, a vehicle’s exterior is at risk to be damaged by UV radiation. Think of paint protection film as sunscreen for a car. Car paint protection film is specifically designed to block UV rays from the surface of the paint, preventing fading and ensuring the paint keeps its bright shiny lustre.

3. Spend Less Time on Car Care

Paint protection film makes washing easier, and results in less vehicle maintenance overall, freeing people up to enjoy their cars. If time is short or water restrictions prohibit vehicle cleaning, a clean cloth is all that’s needed to polish up.

4. Increase a Car’s Resale Value

Presenting a clean, like-new exterior can net significantly more money when it comes to sell. First impressions mean a lot, and car paint protection film keep the paint looking good and prevents damage that could detract from value. Unlike other upgrades that are performance based, most buyers will see the value in paint protection film, because it makes the car more durable and cheaper to maintain.

5. Eliminate the Need to Wax

The look of a freshly waxed car can be had without the waxing. Paint protection film gives the protective coat that wax would provide, with additional benefits of protecting from flying rocks and debris.

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