The most exclusive network of dealers in our industry. The best products, and the finest technicians, guaranteed.

Who Is autobahn™?

It is not enough to just make great products in this industry. To give a customer an industry leading experience, they need expert professionals to help them make the best choice to suit their needs. That is why Tekton works with autobahn™ to source the best window films, work with the best installers, and helps to train new industry professionals to spread quality workmanship across the country.

At Tekton, we feel that we are better because of the professional window tinting companies that have chosen to do business with us. This exclusive network of autobahn™ Dealers is the best group of businesses and professionals in our industry. Their keen attention to detail will ensure your car is treated as one of their own. In addition, their autobahn™ showrooms represent only the best products available in the window tinting and paint protection film (PPF) markets.

Our Products

The most complete and advanced line of window film in the automotive industry, starting with industry leading Huper Optik window films. Our product line includes autobahn Black (deep dyed film), autobahn Black Ceramic (nano-ceramic dispersion technology), autobahn i3 (multi particle, multi layer advanced ceramic film), autobahn Air Ceramic (nano-ceramic technology), Huper Optik Ceramic (TiN), Huper Optik Select (precious metals window film), autobahn Road Guard (paint protection film), and autobahn Ceramic Coatings.

Business Opportunities

You work with our professional designers to create a spa-like atmosphere for your customers while joining our network of inspired and dedicated autobahn™ certified dealers. Helping to make your customers lives better, through the quality of our products and the power of your service. Click here for more information about our autobahn Dealer Design Experience.

autobahn Ceramic Coatings

Setting the standard in ceramic technology, again.

autobahn™ Ceramic Coatings: As is often the case, nature provides a great precursor to modern technology. Enter autobahn™ Ceramic Coatings. Like the properties designed into the lotus leaf, autobahn™ Ceramic Coatings attract the dirt and contaminants from surfaces and with a light rain (or brushless carwash) easily carry them away without harsh brushes or scrubbing.

Who are ceramic coatings made for? Ceramic coatings are one of the greatest accomplishments in nano-technology, and is primed to completely redefine how we think of automotive paint. Despite the incredible power of this new technology, many people are still unaware of its benefits. With its extreme durability, hydrophobicity, chemical resistance, temperature and UV protection, and unparalleled shine, it is a must have for anyone.

autobahn™ Product Lines

See an overview of autobahn’s performance films below. If you are an individual customer, we can help you find a local autobahn™ dealer that carries the products you are looking for. For dealers, we would love to give you information autobahn business opportunities. Just send us a message here.