Ceramic Coatings

Protect and preserve your most valuable assets, while making it look factory fresh for years to come.

Marine Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating is an extremely thin nano-coating that forms a chemical bond with the surface that it is applied to. These nano-ceramic coatings are the new industry standard for boat protection, especially when it comes to painted surfaces, glass, and interior textiles. Highly durable and hydrophobic, nano-ceramic coatings shield the boats gel coat and act as a sacrificial barrier between the elements and your paint. This is guaranteed to effectively lessen the chances any damage from forming and seal the surface from numerous forms of contamination and damage.

Autobahn Ceramic Coatings

Setting the standard in ceramic technology, again.

autobahn™ Ceramic Coatings: As is often the case, nature provides a great precursor to modern technology. Enter autobahn™ Ceramic Coatings. Like the properties designed into the lotus leaf, autobahn™ Ceramic Coatings attract the dirt and contaminants from surfaces and with a light rain (or brushless carwash) easily carry them away without harsh brushes or scrubbing.

Who are ceramic coatings made for? Ceramic coatings are one of the greatest accomplishments in nano-technology, and is primed to completely redefine how we think of automotive paint. Despite the incredible power of this new technology, many people are still unaware of its benefits. With its extreme durability, hydrophobicity, chemical resistance, temperature and UV protection, and unparalleled shine, it is a must have for anyone.

Ceramic Coating Products

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