Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Vehicle Graphics can help to uniquely brand and promote your company.

Vehicle Wrap & Graphics

The addition of vehicle graphics can make a huge difference for your business. Giving your clients the ability to advertise from anywhere is an invalubale service. Whether they’re out on a delivery, or parked for lunch, their message is always working, in the neighborhood they serve. Elevate the perception of their business with a vehicle wrap. A wrapped vehicle can lend credibility.

Not only does it help with advertising but it also can help protect a vehicle.  A wrap is a shield, protecting the paint on your vehicle from UV rays, errant rocks, and minor scratches, essentially increasing the resale value of a vehicle.

What Are The Benefits?

1. Easy Installation

Each bundle includes an easy install of the product. The LG Gloss White [LD39HT-G] is the latest polymeric film from LG with slideable and repositionable adhesive technology. This technology not only makes it easier to install but also saves installers from big problems if they don’t get the placement right the first time.  The LG Gloss White Slideable [LD92HT-G]  is also a print vinyl supplied with repositionable & slidable pressure-sensitive adhesive. Its extra benefits it the air egress technology, this means if any air is left behind its easily removed.

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Easier installation

2. A Long Term Solution

We crafted each bundle to last.  Each film is built to last, each product is made to withstand years of outdoor abuse.  All films are bundled with the most optically clear laminates that enhance colour and durability.  This will provide the optimal level of protection from UV radiation, scratching and will allow your graphic to truly POP unlike poorer quality traditional laminates.

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3. Its Printable

Not only are there solid colored graphics, these bundles offer printable films that can be a rolling advertisement for your business or customer’s business. Printable films provide endless possisblities 

4. Bundled for your business

We only offer the best products to our dealers and we want to make sure no one is confused when it comes to what to use and when. We created a vehicle wrap bundle and vehicle graphics bundle. Each bundle includes a premium vinyl that is printable and has endless possibilities. Along with that they also include a clear protective laminate to keep the vinyl looking great for many years to come. 

LX Hausy Products

LX Hausy’s line up of graphic films are created with the installer in mind. These product bundles will make it a lot easier to sell and apply graphics.