Green Initiatives for Canadian Businesses

Transparency and Social Responsibility are key for businesses operating in the 21st century. Here is how we fit in by helping companies reach their environmental responsibility goals while reducing their consumption.

Going green and saving energy is essential for businesses today. Companies everywhere are adopting safer practices for the environment and making strides to better our ecosystem. Reducing waste and preserving energy not only benefits the world we live in, but can build a better business as well. Take a look at the key benefits of green business practices that our clients have experienced.

1. Saving on Energy

By using natural light and decreasing electricity usage in the summer by using heat rejecting window films will greatly reduce your cooling costs. The same idea applies in the winter when heat retention is increased by up to 88%, keeping your employees comfortable and productive while reducing your heating costs by a significant margin.

2. Becoming Socially Responsible

Protecting the environment is a large part of corporate social responsibility, which means that a large majority of your customers are hoping to preserve the ecosystem whenever they can. Going green and saving energy is going to attract a strong customer base. According to Environmental Leader, about 53% of consumers prefer to buy from a company with a green reputation. And, not only are green companies a preference for customers, but for prospective employees as well.

3. Government Incentives & Funding

The government of British Columbia offers funding and grants to business who are actively trying to increase their energy efficiency. Implementation Funding is available to large commercial, government, and institutional customers to reduce the capital cost of implementing electrical energy efficiency projects. Along with initiatives that help owners of medium to large buildings study different energy saving systems, there are a wide variety of programs available to give you financial support as you explore ways to increase energy efficiency.

4. Innovation & Inspiration

Finding more efficient means for production forces you and your employees to be innovative and to start thinking outside of the box. The more you brainstorm new ways to be effective while maintaining an ecological balance, the more creativity will spark within your workforce. Bring your employees and partners into the conversation and see if you can make responsible and radical changes to how you do business.

5. Putting Your Right Foot Forward

There are endless benefits to preserving our ecosystem. No matter how large or small your company is, finding more efficient ways to run your company will make an incredible difference. It’s no secret that our environment is in need of some help. By employing different tactics to reduce waste and preserve energy, you and your employees will help to make a positive impact on a large global issue.


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