Paint Protection: Explained

Only one single-application product can offer a lifetime of protection against scratches, dings, chemical wear, and toxic airborne pollutants. Learn more.

Why you need it, why our customers rave about it, and what you need to know going in.

Here at Tekton Performance Films we know how amazing Paint Protection films are. Surprisingly, many of our customers don’t even know this product exists.

What Is It?

Paint Protection Film will help your car maintain that new-car shine. It’s a custom sized flexible layer of ultra-durable material that’s nearly invisible and gives your vehicle a layer of protection against wear and tear, dings, scratches and toxic airborne pollutants.

What Does It Do?

Regardless of how careful a driver you are, things happen to your car that you can’t control. Everything from flying debris like bugs and pebbles, to weather elements cause permanent wear and damage to your paint.

Paint protection film is a clear barrier, similar to what’s used on your cellphone to protect the screen from shattering, that’s placed between those elements and your paint. Based on technology developed by the US military, the tough and durable film protects your investment.

Paint protection film can be applied to entire vehicles, as well as to specific areas such as front bumpers, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels, and rear fender panels to prevent scratches.

What About UV Rays?

Many installation shops will say that PPF offers UV protection, but that can be a bit misleading. The film, top coat, and adhesive have UV resistance, which ensures the long term durability of the film and keeps it stable under prolonged UV exposure. This does not mean the film will not allow the UV rays to affect the painted surface. The paint color can change like uncovered paint depending on the durability of the paint itself and clear coat. With that being said, when the film covers a surface, it does protect it from some wear and tear which may otherwise be noticeable on uncovered surfaces. When the film is removed after a great number of years, some intense polishing may be needed on older uncovered areas to blend it in with the newly uncovered area.

Why Should I Use It? Scratches Happen

Everyone’s car ages, and the only defence is a good layer of protection to maintain your car’s value far longer. We create a lot of happy customers, but paint protection film also has fans in high places.

The clear urethane protection film was developed during the Vietnam War to protect helicopter blades, and used again in Operation Desert Storm to protect valuable combat vehicles from dust. Nowadays race car techs rely on paint protection film to protect the streamlined cars from damage that could slow them down, so imagine what it can do for everyday drivers like you.

Custom Installation Offers Better Protection

Professional installation technicians custom design and fit the paint protection films to each and every car. This means you’re not getting a mass produced product, you will drive away with film that’s been optimized specifically for your car which ensures a seamless fit providing an even smoother and more seamless look that won’t crack, warp or bubble over time.

LIFETIME Warranty Protection

When paint protection film was initially made available to consumers, it had the unfortunate reputation of cracking, fading, and warping over time. Luckily the technology has come a long way, and all Autobahn products come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Some dealers say they give a lifetime warranty, but the product is not expected to last, they just hope you don’t come back for a repair. With Autobahn Road Guard at Tekton you get a product with a manufacturer backed lifetime warranty. Best in class service AND products, only at Tekton.

Where Do You Start?

You can click here to get an outline of our Paint Protection Products, then get in touch to set up an appointment or to ask any questions. It is that easy!


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