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LG Hausys: Window Graphics

Printed Window Advertisements for Retail Locations Big and Small

LG Hausys Window Graphics are ideal for printed window advertisements. Business owners can choose from a diverse product range to suit their individual needs, including light diffusing ViVid Vision and transparent Clear View, in addition to One Way vision and PP film.

With superior durability, printability and applicability, LG Window Films can help you maximize the effectiveness of your window advertisements by allowing you to be as creative as you want to be with your window designs and decorations. Read on to learn the benefits of LG Window Graphics.


Why Choose Art Canvas


Anti Scattering function prevents the secondary accident caused by pieces of broken glass in the event of sudden glass breakage.

Scratch Resistance

Surface strength has been improved through surface hard coating. Contaminant resistance is outstanding, with no stains left after alcohol cleaning, even when left overnight.



UV blocking ratio of over 99% blocks harmful UV rays from daily life and prevents pigmentation, freckles, and skin aging. As recommended by the Canadian Cancer Society.

Privacy Protection

Blocking views from the outside to protect personal privacy. You no longer need dark imposing tint to gain privacy, instead do it in style with Art Canvas.

Technical Specifications

Key Performance Indicators

Below we have put the key performance indicators of LG Hausys Window Graphics film. Compare adhesives, durability ratings, and colour options below.

CategoryProductMaterialThicknessColourAdhesive TypeAdhesive ColourLinerDurabilityWidth (mm)
Vivid VisionLW01SPMPET85µmMilky MatteSiliconeClearPET Liner6 Months1270/1370/1520
Vivid VisionLW014PMPET85µmMilky MatteRemovableClearPET Liner6 Months1270/1370/1520
Vivid VisionLW024PMPET105µmMilky MatteRemovableClearPET Liner6 Months1270/1370/1520
Clear ViewLW004PGPET100µmTransparent GlossRemovableClearPET Liner6 Months1270
Clear ViewSP3962GPVC90µmTransparent GlossRemovableClearPET Liner1 Yr1370
One Way VisionLM50000PVC140µmPerforated Film 50%PermanentClearPE Coated Paper + Liner1 Yr1220
One Way VisionLM5300WPVC140µmPerforated Film 30%PermanentGreyPE Coated Paper1 Yr1220
One Way VisionLM54000PVC160µmPerforated Film 40%PermanentClearPE Coated Paper6 Months1370
Green DPMLW026PMPET160µmWhite OpaqueRemovableClearPolypropylene Liner6 Months1370/1520
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