The True Price of Cheap Tint

There are a few reasons why prices for window tint vary so greatly. Here is what you need to know about your options, and why high-quality tint is worth the up front cost.

Don’t be suckered into a budget tint-job. Here is why it’s worth it to have it done right.

“Cars Tinted 4 Cheap!!”

Advertisements like this pop up from time to time. Chances are, if you’re reading this, that you’ve been researching your next tint job and have most likely noticed a massive price range. From a quick internet search, we’ve found that it’s possible to pay anywhere from $99 to nearly $800 for a tint job. At first glance, why not go for the cheap option? Before jumping into anything, it’s best to get fully informed. Cheap tints cost less for a reason, and you will be left unhappy down the road. Cheap tints are not a good deal.

Here are the main reasons why the cost of window tint varies so greatly.

Quality and Experience

When it comes to automotive window film, you really do “get what you pay for”. Low quality tint, or even good tint that is poorly installed, won’t perform well and will quickly fall apart. We’ve all seen the victims of low quality tint… cars with bubbling, cracked, purple, and torn window tint. Don’t let this happen to your beloved vehicle.

Tints bubble, crack, and tear because of low quality adhesive. All tint is stuck to a window with some form of adhesive. Cheap tints use sub-standard adhesives that are quickly degraded by solar radiation. As soon as the adhesive fails, the film separates from the glass and creates bubbles, weakness, and loss of clarity. The consequences of bad tint aren’t just ugly, but also make your windows difficult to properly see out of, especially at night. Bad tint is both ugly and dangerous.

Protecting yourself against poor quality films that will separate from the glass is easy – make sure you choose high-quality tint from a bulletproof installer. At Tekton, we only deal in Autobahn, Edge, and Hüper Optik automotive window tints. That means that when you select an installer that is part of our network, you are guaranteed to get the best.

Inferior Films Age Poorly

We hate seeing films that have lost their tint, or worse, turned into that terrible opaque purple colour. Cheap tint manufacturers use low-quality dyes to give colours to their films. These dyes look great until you take them out into the sun. With just a little bit of sun exposure, these dyes either bleach or turn purple.

If you’re going through the trouble of having your windows tinted, you need to make sure you get an option that will last. High quality films like Hüper Optik, Autobahn, and Edge are premium products that use sophisticated technology to protect their films against solar degradation.

Hidden Costs

After decades in the tinting business, we have learned that cheap tint jobs will end up costing you more than a premium job. It’s easy to explain why this is the case. Removing old, cracked window tint with poor quality adhesives is a nasty and time consuming job. When people need to get their gross old tint removed so they can finally upgrade to a decent tint, they can end up paying up to $250 just to get the old stuff off. On the other hand, removing high-quality tint is actually quite easy and fast.

Don’t be tempted by cheap tint; do it once, and do it right. When choose tints from Tekton, you choose the best. If you have any questions, are looking for a quote, or want to know which formula of tint is right for you, give us a shout.


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