Why Do People Choose PPF?

Paint Protection Films can do a lot for you and your vehicle. Click here to learn how PPF protects your vehicle and makes it shine for years to come.

In addition to the “new car smell”, the way a new vehicle gleams and shines is one of its most beautiful characteristics. However, this shiny layer of paint is vulnerable to damage and degradation. Without proper protection, your vehicle will lose its lustre.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the ultimate solution for maintaining the shape of your vehicle. PPF protects your paint against common hazards so it will maintain its beauty and avoid permanent damage.

Value for Owners

Instead of constantly paying to have your vehicle touched up, resprayed, and detailed, PPF represents a preventative solution. If you can keep your vehicle safe from damage, you won’t have to constantly pay for reconstruction. Avoiding problems is always easier and more cost effective than reacting to them.

The way our vehicles look matters to us while we are driving it, but the appearance of your car never matters as much as when it comes time to sell. A damaged paint job is an automatic red flag for potential buyers that your vehicle may not have been properly cared for. Getting PPF installed on your vehicle by a certified shop means that selling your vehicle will be easy, and you will get more value out of your car.

How Strong is PPF?

PPF was designed for use by military and industry, and modern PPF for consumers maintains this legacy of toughness and durability. That means that you can depend on PPF to be a product that will last. PPF resists extreme temperatures, abrasion, chemical damage (such as road salts and bird droppings), as well as impact.

The PPF requirements of every vehicle and driver are different.  Your dealer will talk with you to determine your expectations as well as the needs of your vehicle, and then recommend a customized solution.  They will consider variables like vehicle size, type of paint, and type of road hazard to decide which variety of film your vehicle requires and where it should be focused. Proper application of PPF by skilled technicians will preserve the paint on any vehicle in any conditions.

Cost Efficiency

No matter how you do the math, PPF always ends up on top. Top-quality PPF will slow the depreciation of your vehicle, meaning you will reap the pay off when you decide to sell. PPF gives you the double benefit of protecting your car while you drive it, and commanding a higher price at the end of its road.

If you want to keep your vehicle looking spectacular and protected from the worst nature has to throw at it, PPF is the right call. If you have any specific questions about exactly what PPF can do for you, just give us a shout.


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