How to Maintain PPF

Paint protection films are the #1 choice for protecting your vehicle from the worst Canada can dish out. Here's how to take care of them so they can do their job.

Making sure your PPF is maintained properly and kept healthy will let it do its job and protect your car. Here is the best practice for how to take care of Paint Protection Films.

The best thing about having a paint protection wrap added to your vehicle is that it makes the care and maintenance for the protected panels even easier than paint from the factory. Even though it should be regularly washed like any other vehicle, it does not require regular waxing, buffing, or harsh chemicals to keep the paint surface free of oxidation and industrial fallout. Even better, if you are the type that loves to wash, wax, and polishes their vehicle, you still can, and it will give you the same great shine it always has before.

What TO DO

  • Use microfibre cloths to wash and dry your vehicle.
  • Use car washing soap and clean cold water.
  • Use liquid spray wax to bring out extra depth and shine.


  • Avoid a high-speed power buffer or polishing equipment.
  • Avoid powder-based detergents or degreasers. You won’t need anything that abrasive.
  • Do not use any clay products, you can skip that step and save some time & money.
  • Avoid abrasive or hard-compound waxes. They collect on the edges of the films.

Some Good News

Do you know what the best part of all of this is? The stuff on the second list actually takes a lot of time, a lot of money, and a TON of elbow grease. You can easily care for your paint protected vehicle with just basic washing and drying and get the same effect as someone putting in triple the time and expense on their unprotected vehicle.

If you opted for a self-healing paint protection film, life is even easier for you. Any scratches or swirl marks and you can repair it in seconds with some hot water. Read all about it right here.

Demand the Best?

Here’s a surprisingly little known secret: paint protection films can be used in tandem with ceramic coatings. That means you get the best of both worlds: PPF will protect your vehicle from significant rock chips and damage, and the ceramic coating will keep it looking amazing and shrug off water, making maintenance a breeze. Read more about ceramic coatings right here.


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