Use Tint to Boost Your EV’s Range

Is range anxiety an issue in the way of you purchasing an electric car? We have a tip to greatly increase your range and comfort for next to nothing. Amazing!

Electric cars are the way of the future, and this is the one simple trick you need to get a leg up.

Electric cars are the future of the automotive industry. There was a time when this may have been debatable, but as the prices are decreasing, the cost of fuel is increasing, pollution is at a critical mass, and people are more environmentally minded, it is becoming a tough point to argue against. The only issue that stands in the way of many potential switchers is range anxiety. Even though charging stations are becoming commonplace we totally understand the hesitation. Recently, we did a bit of research and found that the range of your electric vehicle can be greatly increased using one simple trick, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

It turns out that a HUGE amount of your vehicle’s energy goes into running creature comforts for the occupants. This would include things like the stereo, heat warmers, interior lights, and most of all, the heater and the air conditioning. We did a little side by side comparison and this is what we found.

A Tesla Model S 90D will get an expected range of 522KMs in the middle of the summer heat. BUT, the moment you turn on the air conditioner that number drops to 486KMs, or nearly 10%. Using the climate control in the heat of summer or dead of winter is enough to drastically reduce the expected range of your EV. So what can you do about it?

Heat Rejecting Window Tint

The simple solution is to tint your windows, preferably with premium ceramic window films. Along with blocking 99% of UV rays, you can also block up to 63% of solar energy. This means that it keeps the interior of your vehicle more than twice as cool in the summer and keeps more than twice the amount of heat inside the vehicle in the winter. Eliminate the need for constant AC and Heat, and you gain increased comfort and 10% extended range from your EV.

Get your tint for free, and add ANOTHER 2% to your range

How is this possible? You can make one other tiny change to your electric vehicle purchase to offset a complete window tint while increasing your range even more and leaving you with a bit of extra green in your pocket as well. If you purchase your EV with 21″ rims instead of 19″ rims, there is a huge increase in price and reduction in effective vehicle range. Big wheels are hard to turn, and they drain the battery, plain and simple.

21″ rims on a Tesla Model S, for example, run you $5900. They also reduce your range by the numbers below (the costs of the tints are taken from one of our certified installers). You could get a complete ceramic window tint for a tiny fraction of that, and here is how the numbers would look:

The Numbers

21″ Rims + Driving with the AC on = $5900 and only 465KMs of range.

19″ Rims + Full Ceramic Tint = $550 and increase range to 512KMs.

Final Word

Using this method you can save $5350 dollars of your EV order, while increasing your range by over 10% on each charge. You also increase your comfort and reduce harmful UV rays by over 99%. You can save money, increase convenience, and have happy family for those long road trips. A huge win all around!


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