Will My Window Tint Turn Purple?

Are you, or is someone you know, the victim of purple window tint? Learn why this phenomenon happens, and what you can do to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

This common problem is easy to explain, and even easier to avoid.

We have all seen it before, and it can be an embarrassing sight. When a window tint installation is done on the cheap with low quality window films and non-professional installers is a ticking time bomb. Soon enough, the tint will begin to turn purple, curl, and bubble all over. Many bloggers and tint shops will tell you that all window tints will fade over time, and that purpling of your black tint can be expected and just needs to be re-done. These are shops that want you to pay twice for a job that only needs to be done once, using the right materials and installed by a professional.

The reason that cheap window tints fade and turn purple over time is because low-grade window film uses poor quality adhesive, and dye components break down over time when subject to UV rays and extreme heat. It is funny to think that some tint shops would install film that breaks down in the sunshine, since that is the whole point of having your windows tinted in the first place! As the adhesives break down, they change colour, and since some of these adhesives are between the multiple plies of the window film, they cannot be fixed once they go bad.

We spoke with our expert film manufacturers at Autobahn and they explained exactly why this never happens with the products that we use:

Purple, bubbling film is a sign of a very low-grade window film whose mounting adhesive and dye components have broken down. Not only are Autobahn films engineered to stand the test of time, but they are also warranted against this type of degradation because they use more stable and advanced dye chemistries and/or permanent metal layers that do not discolour over time.

This is why reputable film manufacturers, like Autobahn, give you a lifetime warranty on their film, and why we don’t expect you to have to come back and get a job re-done because of low grade products. Get it done right the first time and save the embarrassment of driving around in a purpling monstrosity.

Do you have a tint job that is starting to turn on you? Many shops in our network offer film removal as well as installation, so you can get rid of the evidence of a cheap install while getting you back on the road with a top quality product. Just give us a shout and we can sort you out.


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