Take Curb Appeal to New Heights

The front of your home give the first impression to guests and potential buyers, and it's what you see when you come home every day. Learn how to boost your curb appeal here.

After the stress of years of rain, sun, wind, and snow, every home can stand a little attention. The elements are tough on exterior surfaces, and after enough time, these stresses will become obvious.

Regardless of if you’re looking to sell, working on a fixer-upper, or maintaining your home for the long-haul, the curb appeal of your home is important. The exterior of your house is the first thing people notice when they come over, and proper upkeep of the exterior of the home is important for the overall integrity of your house.

A beautiful home is something you will be proud of, so investing in the exterior of your home is a no-brainer. Here are a few suggestions for upgrades that will give your curb appeal a boost.

Driveway and Sidewalk Repairs

Concrete and asphalt is attacked from above and below. Roots and weeds push up, causing cracks and fissures. Severe temperature fluctuations lead to thermal expansion and contraction, eroding the material altogether. This damage can become dangerous, and is certainly unsightly. Consult a contractor to see what repair options are possible, and consider using materials like slate or brick for a stunning affect.

Window Film

If you’re looking for an upgrade that will offer performance benefits in addition to aesthetic appeal, window films are for you. Windows are a focal point for the outside of your home, so it’s important that they are all they can be. For many homes, windows are the source of privacy concerns, something that can easily be remedied with privacy window films.

A professional window film company can help you find the exact product that fits your needs. Window films can increase privacy, provide UV protection and eliminate glare, boost energy efficiency, improve safety, and definitely increase curb appeal.

New Paint

This is the most obvious way to upgrade your house. Paint protects your home form the elements and is one of the biggest factors in making it look great. A fresh coat of paint and new siding will definitely draw attention.

Work on the Garden

Fresh landscaping is like giving your home a fresh haircut. A simple trim of the lawn and cleaning of edges can make a huge difference to the overall look. If you’re feeling ambitious, or know a good landscaper, adding flower beds or a vegetable garden is a great way to introduce a splash of colour. If you’re looking for serious change, professional landscapers are always happy to come up with a whole new design.


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