Paint Protection That Heals Itself?

The first time you see Self-Healing Paint Protection Films in action, you won't believe your eyes. Click here to get caught up on this awesome technology.

The first time you see Self-Healing Paint Protection Films in action, you won’t believe your eyes.

Everyone knows that the first scratch hurts the most… but the second one doesn’t feel too good either! At Tekton, we provide our network of dealers with the most high-quality, durable, and stain resistant paint protection films on the market; check out Autobahn Road Guard for an example of what we’re talking about. Paint protection films are an invisible shield that protects your vehicle’s paint from daily wear and tear, rock chips, winter road salt, and more.

Paint protection films offer the best available protection for the most vulnerable parts of your car. The areas that are most important to shield from road rash are:

  • Bumpers
  • Hood
  • Side-mirrors
  • Rocker panels
  • Door edges, handles, and steps

What are Self-Healing Films?

Self-healing films represent the cutting edge of modern protection film technology. These films, as the name suggests, have the ability to heal themselves from scratches and surface damage.

With self-healing films, you will see scratches disappear right before your eyes.

How Do Self-Healing Films Work?

Typically, these films are composed of 3 layers. The top layer’s low surface energy urethane clear coat employs elastomeric polymers, which are designed to eliminate staining, contamination and surface scratches. The thicker polyurethane layer beneath that is formulated to have excellent memory when stretched over the vehicle’s surface. The final layer is the adhesive; ultra clear acrylic copolymer is specially formulated to have good tack on the painted surface, rework-ability and remove-ability.

The top coat is able to smooth itself out to heal scratches and scuffs with a gentle application of heat.

These films are easy for us to work with, meaning installers can provide you with a quick turnaround time and flawless finish. To ask about the films we provide, or get in touch with an installer in your area, just give us a shout.


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