Problematic Ceramic Coating Myths

At Tekton, we want our clients to be informed. That's why we've released this myth-busting article about ceramic coatings. Learn what's fact, and what's not, right here.

In this article, we’ve taken the 5 most problematic ceramic coating myths and busted them.

At Tekton, what we most want are well-informed customers. That’s why we are writing this article to dispel some of the more common myths about ceramic coatings that are floating around the web. Many of these myths come from shady sales pitches and misleading brochures – so be careful out there!

Myth 1 – Ceramic Coatings are Impossible to Scratch

A few of the detailers and suppliers out there will boast about how their ceramic coatings are “scratch proof”. If a salesperson ever tells you that a coating is “100% resistant to rock chips and scratch proof”, you should run far, far away.

Ceramic coatings are excellent at protecting your paint from minor scuffs and scratches, but can’t protect against things like someone keying your car or highway-speed rock chips. Ceramic coatings will make your vehicle safe from things like swirl marks from washing and driving through bushes.

Myth 2 – Ceramic Coatings are Maintenance Free

Also not true. Some people believe that a vehicle that has been treated with a ceramic coating will never need to be washed or cleaned. The truth of the matter is that ceramic coatings make the exterior of your car exceptionally hydrophobic. That means that washing will be easier than ever, because water and dirt will just fall right off, and you will have to do it less often.

After your vehicle has been coated, the need for washing doesn’t go away. However, you will notice that the frequency of washings will decrease. And when you do wash your car, the process will be easier than you’ve ever experienced.

Myth 3 – Ceramic Coatings Last Forever

There is a nugget of truth to this myth, which makes is particularly difficult to dispel. This one comes back to what ceramic coatings actually are (read more about that right here). Ceramic coatings are essentially nano-sized ceramic particles suspended in a resin. When cured, the resin forms a molecular bond with the vehicle’s clear coat, and the ceramic particles provide the performance qualities that we desire.

While this is theoretically a permanent bond, we see that in practice high-quality coatings last for up to 7 years. This is why we provide a warranty for all our coatings that reflects their expected lifespans. Read more about the specific coatings offered by Tekton right here.

Myth 4 – It’s Easy to Apply Ceramic Coatings

This myth definitely needs some… attention. Applying a ceramic coating is not the same as painting a fence. In fact, most of the work needs to be done before the bottle of ceramic coating is even opened. To ensure successful application, the vehicle’s entire surface must be completely free of blemishes, swirl marks, water spots, hairline scratches, dings, dirt, and dust.

Anything mentioned above will prevent the resin from properly bonding with the vehicle’s surface. Prior to receiving a coating, every vehicle should be washed, clayed, buffed, and kept 100% perfect during the entire application process.

The application itself isn’t so simple either. Consider that a 30mL bottle is typically all that’s required to coat an entire vehicle. That means that the coating must be applied incredibly thinly and evenly. Sound like a chore? Don’t worry, that’s why we only sell to certified installers with the necessary skill and experience.

Myth 5 – You Get More Gloss From Ceramic Coatings Than From Sealants and Wax

Listen carefully, because we might be the only people in the industry to tell you this! Ceramic coatings really don’t add much gloss on their own. What they do is preserve, enhance, and protect what’s underneath. That’s why it’s so important to properly prepare the vehicle.

If the best ceramic coating in the world is applied to a dull, faded, and scratched paint job, the result will not be good. That is why professional installers go through so much trouble to make sure your vehicle looks PERFECT before they paint on the coating.

Have questions about what you can expect from ceramic coatings? Want to chat about how coatings can improve life with your dream car? Just give us a shout – we’re always happy to chat.


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