Royal Caribbean Cruise Case Study

Learn how the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines used Hüper Optik films to improve their bottom line and reduce their carbon footprint. A simple upgrade that leads to huge gains.

Dramatically increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint with one simple upgrade.

It doesn’t take an energy specialist to notice that the cost of fuel has been steadily rising and will continue to rise for the foreseeable future. The cost of burning these fuels causes excessive damage to our planet as well as our wallets, and most forms of modern transportation require a steady supply of fossil fuels.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines understands these facts. That is why they were searching for a way to reduce the carbon footprint of their fleet of ships, any they were willing to try anything to accomplish it. After researching all the available options, they settled on a line of high-quality window films that not only kept their cabins at more comfortable temperatures but also reduced the load on their HVAC systems which reduced fuel consumption and saved the company millions. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines acted in a way that any responsible corporate citizen should and ended up improving customer experience, reducing energy expenses, and reducing their carbon footprint.

The facility management team of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines was looking for a solution that would simultaneously save energy and reduce their carbon footprint, all while maintaining or improving customer experience. One option they faced was to replace the 500,000 sq. ft. of glass on all their vessels. Fortunately, the installation of Hüper Optik Ceramic 40 and Ceramic 50 window films accomplished their goals and exceeded their expectations for one-tenth of the cost of replacing the glass.

The Hüper Optik window film that was installed on 23 of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ships saved the company millions of dollars in fuel expenses, doing so in an environmentally friendly manner. The films had the added benefits of reducing the fading of carpets and upholstery, lowered cabin temperatures by over 5 degrees Celsius. The benefits of window film aren’t only for enormous cruise liners; individual consumers can see huge improvements in the performance of their watercraft by the installation of marine window tint. Check out some more details here.


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