The Top 5 Reasons to Tint Your Boat

As automotive and residential window tinting is catching on, keep in mind that the benefits of window film apply to marine vessels as well. Learn why people are excited.


Boat owners are slowly learning that marine window tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look and comfort of their boat. While cruising, tinted windows will make your vessel cooler and more comfortable, as well as protecting interior furnishings and increasing the safety of the glass.

At Tekton, we have the experience and products that the most discerning boaters demand. The untreated glass that comes with many boats usually have some degree of factory tint, but this tint doesn’t offer any close to the same heat and glare reduction, privacy, and safety of high-quality aftermarket tints.

UV Protection

Tekton’s marine window films create a permanent barrier between a boat’s interior and the sun’s radiation. Marine manufacturers are producing high-end vessels with luxury interiors, so it is more important than ever to properly protect the interior furnishings.

Marine window tint also blocks up to 99% of harmful UVA and UVB solar radiation. The Skin Cancer Foundation asserts that overexposure to these types of radiation can lead to premature aging and even skin cancer. Marine window tint is a reliable way to keep all occupants of a vessel safe from the sun.

Marine window tint helps to eliminate glare from the water, reflective surfaces, and other vessel’s lights. Tint is a great way to reduce eye strain and make sure that the skipper doesn’t miss anything while piloting their craft.

Accidental Injury Protection

When untreated glass breaks, it fractures into dangerous shards. Marine window tint is engineered with powerful adhesives that keep the shards together in the event of an accident. Marine window film reduces the likelihood of injury from broken glass during an accident or even a collision.

Extreme Weather Protection

During a storm on the water, glass is one of the most vulnerable areas of your boat. A broken window exposes the interior of your vessel to flying debris and water. Disaster strikes with little or no warning, but window film is always ready. Marine window film is able to withstand extraordinary forces and will provide unbeatable protection, 24 hours a day.

Crime Prevention

Most boats sit unattended for the majority of their days. This makes them easy targets for break-and-enter thieves. Windows are an obvious point of weakness and provide a target for vandals or thieves. Security window film prevent would-be intruders from penetrating the glass, acting as a powerful deterrent to keep your boat safe.

Overall Safety

Most vessels house powerful engines and dozens or hundreds of litres (gallons) of fuel. In the event of a fire or explosion, window film will help reduce the damage and risk of injury caused by flying glass shards. Nothing can protect against powerful explosions, but marine window film has proven effective at reducing injury in moments of extreme danger.

High-quality window film is revolutionizing the marine world. To get on the cutting edge, give us a call or send us a message, we’d love to hear from you.


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